What Monkey

the monkey was with the project from day one when i thought about making graffiti come to liv i thought about him climbing buildings and roaring as a visualisation of my imagination. it is wild and powerfull like a gorilla. so he’s always been there with me first thing i did was to study the gorillas as i hadnt drawn them before.

gorillafaces (2) I had a whole mood board full of pictures I found but the Mac computer corrupted my flash drive. So I lost loads and loads of stuff so this picutre is all you get.so i drew and studied these pictures then went into photoshop and drew a monkey all his limbs on different layers

Untitled-1 copy

this is the monkey i drew.

i gave him a bit of a different look  i wanted him to be a piece of my imagination and not a realistic monkey i took some inspiration from scot pilgrim vs the world movie when  he fights the twins.

1up dragons1 monster face monster monster1 monstervsdragons mvsd mvsd2 the monster eye

these are the scot pilgrim screen caps where the monkey is fighting two dragons i really like the effect and maybe thats why it stuck in my head since i was only reminded of the movie after i came up with the idea so it was subliminal.

but yea then I imported the monkey with all his layers to after effects and then made him move 2 steps and that badly and it took me 3 days…. but hes moving .. ish  monkey moving1 monkey movement2monkeymovement3 this is how he moves.

this is my final monkey


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