Book making

for this project we didnt just have to make a map, a motion graphic film, a box, take photos and do this … BLOG.. but no we had to do a booklet as well. because we werent stressed enough on our last project…. -.-. anyway here is how i did it.

at first i didnt do it. loss of ideas problems and worries outside of uni and being an ostrich as my tutor fittingly put it . if there is too much work and work i dont like to do i … dont do it till i really have to… i know its bad and that it gets me into bigger problems but what can i say…. im lazy and fighting this is hard. very hard. anyway

after i came up with the blue print idea i thought about all sorts of things i could do, but no ideas came untill i put a pice of my map in the background of one of my panoramic pictures. and it worked. REALLY WELL. so  thats what i did and the pictures turned out as folloed.

photo 1 for booklet picture2 for booklet picture 3for bookletphoto 4for bookletphoto 5 for bookletphoto 6 for booklet photo 7 for booklet  photo 9 for bookletphoto 8 for booklet  photo10 for booklet photo 11 for bookletphotot 12 for booklet

these are mu fina pages for my booklet.

for the cover i serched online for some inspiration and found these images.

8a9e4e870920acfdcad93bc35d66f9cd blueprint_fonts quote1 and i thought these images look really cool and the type in them some of it looks still hand rendered so youtube was next and ifound this EXTREMELY quick tutorial.


i followed this tutorial to mae my front cover and contense page of my booklet

i then bound it with a tutorial i found online

that is my final booklet.


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