Motion Graphics

we had 4 weeks of after effects training to learn how to use the software for our motion graphic journey which we had to make thse are the things we learned how to do

how to use green screen

how to make a ball bounce and over exaggeration which is basicly overdoing something to give an effect with the ball we squashed it toomuch than we would normally see with our human eyes but its what we expect to happen so exxagerating it makes it look more believable even if it is not what would actually happen. here are some screen shots of the different things we learned.

bounce screen shot 1 bounce screen shot 2 this word we made rush into the camera and bounce a little from side to side to make it look like its coming to a shuttering stand.

slice screenprint oneslice screen print two  this word we used different masks to make it look like the word is sliced in the middle and sliding apart like you might have when you cut a fruit ninja style that you cant see a gap and it just slides off.

split screen shot onesplit screen shot twosplit screen shot 3  this word again we used layer and made it look like the word was split in the middle and when coming down would bounce a little back up before coming to a halt.

three d screen shot 1 three d screen shot 2 and finally the three de me made it look like it was swinging like you can get the american style welcome in signs at least thats what springs to mind when i see it

a video that uses most of these effectively is Zombie land beware of bathrooms 2 beware of bathrooms cardio cardio2 check the back seat columbia pictures dont be a hero double tab double tap 2 enjoy the little things 2 enjoy the little things limber up 2 limber up 3 limber up 4 limber up seat beltsin all of these screen shots you can see differnt ways they used typography to set the moode and make the typography fit in with the background and the parts of the story that is happening.

i think they are really well used and its fun to think that im able to do this in theory and could make something like this happen its a very encouraging thought.

now to get to my motion graphics

the first idea was to go through all my pictures that i had made and make it look like your walking through them. but the way i was moving them so that you would see a lot of the pictures did not work out because the pictures where moving too much from side to side and where very confusing (see journey trial one).

the second idea was to just have the pictures from going down the stair creating a spinning feeling and then see the monkey walking or climbing buildings when downstairs but that never even made it on paper, not to mention after effects.

the third idea came to mind once i had my book printed i had made the panoramic pictures with my map background which turned out quite well so i thought i could just go through each picture, there are only 12, and make that work the final composition turned out too fast and to busy to much going on because i tried to show everything that was in each picture, i even added a ink in water video to the background that i had found on youtube.

so after doing the last one in just a few hours i showed it to my boyfriend who gave me the fed back that i just explained and said i could have just focused on the dotted line just following that through so with that idea in my head i sat down the same day and in even less time i came up with the final composition which is now my final outcome which im alot happyer with than with any of the others before hand.


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