For the brief we have to make  a map of our journey since my journey if through a building i thought i could so different levels on different pages and for each level one map and annotate the map in what i see because i see everything a little different for instance the tech guys in the design center are like the star treck crew, after my utor told me he fell asleep on the corner of a book and looked like a Klingon thats all i can imagin now. the illustration 1rst zear area is one where you have to be carefull because the students are stressed and will attack the first floor is a jungle with its green walls and the ground flore is a mystery to me

so these are the things i want to include into my map i also wanted it to be hand rendered typography because i felt it would look bette it would fit better into the concept.


this website i looked at and found alot of usefull handrendered type

and then i went and explored the depth of google for unusual maps. this is what  google and i  found

DMC-roots-T-shirt1 Hanson_octopus_map_mercator_cram how_china_sees_the_world urbanrailsystems vladstudio_typographic_world_map_1024x600

these are all different kinds of maps that i found when searching for unusual maps  all really cool but not what i was looking for not something that i could use for my map

after sitting over the problem for a while… maybe a while too long i decided i would make a blue print  inspired by despicable me

blueprintdm I really like the feel or the way it looks you can almost imagine the fell for the fabric and the pen marks upon it, that is why I liked it so much so i thought instead of having a page for each floor i would make one ap and cut the building down the middle instead of every floor for it self.

depirroi wanted my map to  have this kind of feeling hand drawn and personal thought like this.

blueprint mood board this mood board I made with all the different blue print arts i could find, to give me wide variety  on different ways to make my map

then i sat down infrom ot photoshop and just did it with my drawing pad and hand did the drawing and the typography the first time i drew it i missed out a whole floor so had to do it again.

this is what i came up with

final map copythis is my map it workes well because i have incorporated all the different characteristics that one can find in the design center, and i have had very good feedback from peers about it i know its missing mesurements and numbers to make it look like an actual technical drawing. but im not great with numbers thats one reason why i didnt put it on it displays my educated hatred for numbers.

Many people i asked can relate to things they see on the map and i got some laughes out of people which was nice.

this is my final map im happy with it. the pen texture looks like it was drawn with charcol and with that looks like its a real scan of a blue print.


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