Project 3 GCD 114

This blog will show you the journey through my head and my personal journey from a to b.


the first thing after getting our brief was to go to the library to reaserch photography because thats the main aspect of the brief to be quite honest the books in the libary where more filled with words than pictures which doesnt help a visual learner like me, and the words used in those bok didnt really conjour up and imaginaton or images that i could relate the topic too. So failed bu photography books i went online they always have pictures if you know what your looking for. i found a website … no thats not right a year or longer ago i found a website called willow and frank( which i really like the photographes range from basics to something a bit more interesting mostly to look pretty. but thats okaybaking picture wf day out wf these are the two picutes i got of the willow frank website that discribe visually what the website is about.


i have been in many different galleries over my years but the photography parts always confuse me … like modern art.. some photographs are really good but then there are photographs which really dont make sense. Im a firm believer of art that speaks for itself and people who pretend to understand i find funny like whine tasting in england. anyway those where my exerience with photography books and images

balloonsthis picture i really like the hard black lines of the electricity or telephone wires and the soft ghost like look of the balloons. sadly i cant find or remember this picturs captor.


Chris Killip, What Happened Great Britain 1970 – 1990 (image via The Photographers Gallery)

Chris Killip, What Happened Great Britain 1970 – 1990 (image via The Photographers Gallery)

this is another image i like it shows pain suffering confusion the child like hiding. a very powerfull piece.

Elliott Erwitt

Elliott Erwitt

this is a picture i would discribe as typically french . im not sure if thats what it stands for or not its a nice picture but i dont get the meaning.

François Lecourt Shot into the camera, 1987 © Jean-François Lecourt (Image courtesy of The Photographer’s Gallery

François Lecourt Shot into the camera, 1987 © Jean-François Lecourt (Image courtesy of The Photographer’s Gallery

this picture i dont get yes guns and bullet holes but why place the bullet hole .. where it is.. i dont get it.

The Family and the Land Sally Mann

The Family and the Land Sally Mann

this is another picture i really like i dont know why maybe because it shows corrupted innocence … if that’s what its trying to do by showing the girl with a cigarett but i like the look of this picture very much.

After and during looking at books and images for inspiration i though about what journey i could go on from where to where. the obvious came to mind from my halls to uni its relatively booring but for one graffitty that is on a white house wall which is very minimalistic but the graphitty is only in black and shows only the black colour of a penguin pair which is really really nice.  so i thought about making that my journey adding graffitty into the pictures into my journey and making the grafitty come to life then i though i could make a stop motion film i did some reaserch and found stopmotioninsta  this is one of her videos which i really liked!

her videos have a dream like quality making it look like a holiday promotion which i really liked but since i have had no experience with taking stop motion graphics my video really did not turn out like i would have wished it to. but that was my idea then i thought why make it in an environment which i dont really know nor give alot of thought about and was thinking of a place that had more meaning to me and that i could represent with my personal thought and images something that i might see in a different light to anyone else and so it was decided i was going to do it in the design center a place i attend most days and which is special to me. and whcih i dont just see as a three story building where i study the design center for me is a living breathing … at times hormonal being and every one in it makes it what it is.  So i would base it in an area where im compfortable and what i know and can say something about it .

i wanted to make this journey very personal i wanted to show how i see the world around me how it might differ from others people perspective and maybe even find out the reaction people would give when they see it.

but how to go about it . what to photograph what is my journey… my journey is from my place where i work down the stairs if the elevator is broken (again) to go outside have a smoke and then back up.

so okay journey was decided but now the rest

i looked at different ways to portray my journey i thought about adding ink effects into my moton graphics such as this whilst reaserching the ink in water effect i stubled across this that i had sen before but forgotten  a very quick and inpiering art . but not really what i can use still very interesting

so after not finidng anything inspiering or relevant to what i wanted to do i went ahead and took pictures of my journey 3 at a time so i could merge them into panoramic pictures later on


panorama shot 1

to show you an example i used these three images to make this one long panoramic image i used photoshop to marge these images photomerge screenshot1first you go into file then automate then Photomerge,

photoshop automerge2          then you open this window select browse to find your picture location.

photoshop automerge 3  then you select you images that you want.

photoshop automerge 4 select what you want to do with the image cylindrical realign perspective and then press okay now with some images this doesnt work so you will have to do it manually but if you have 3 pictures that do fit photoshop will alighn them like the following.

photoshop automerge 5 and thats how i got the images i wanted its a long process and it will get annoying if you cant find the right selection for aligning the photos but after wards it can be well worth it.

so i had my images now to decide what and how to use them in my book and my motion graphics.


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